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USD - US Dollar

The U.S. dollar has been recognized as the world's reserve currency and is now the most potent one. It has the support of the United States, whose economy is the biggest in the world. The use of the dollar as a reserve currency is encouraged by the robustness of the American economy.

ETB - Ethiopian Birr

The Bank of Abyssinia introduced banknotes for 5, 10, 100 and 500 talari in 1915. 280,000 talari worth of notes was printed. The text on the notes was in Amharic and French. A 50-talari note was added in 1929, by which time over 1.5 million talari in notes were circulating. The Bank of Ethiopia issued notes in 1932 in denominations of 5, 10, 50, 100 and 500 talari.

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Record-breaking disparity between the informal and official exchange rates

Sunday 4 December

The official and black markets' currency rates now diverge noticeably in the foreign exchange market in Ethiopia. A person carrying one American dollar will be paid larger amounts, and someone looking to acquire a dollar will pay even higher amounts, according to data we gathered from places where illicit foreign exchange trade takes place. One US dollar is far more expensive on the black market than it is in legitimate markets. On the other hand, they noted that modest currency exchange transactions at private banks are subject to a charge of up to 50% commission.

Ethiopia's economic growth may decrease, according to the International Monetary Fund, due to the conflict, weaker agricultural production, a drop in donor assistance, worsening foreign exchange shortages, a drought, and spillovers from the Ukraine war. Ethiopia's foreign exchange reserves at the end of 2023 were $3.3 billion, sufficient to pay for just 1.9 months' worth of imports. In contrast, in August, inflation reached a record high. In the fiscal year through July, Ethiopia received loans from its lenders totaling roughly $1.09 billion, down The value of the birr versus the dollar has been decreasing since 2022 as part of the government's efforts to boost foreign reserves.

How much is black market in Ethiopia today?

Today, Dollars are now worth a higher amount of birr. Depending on where you are, the black market exchange rate could be higher or lower, to check today's black market rates, you can go to our website.

How much is dollar to Birr in black market today?

Today's exchange rate between usd and birr is greater.You may check the current black market currency values by visiting our site. Contingent on where you're from, the rate may be greater or lesser.

The official currency of Ethiopia is called the Ethiopian Birr. It has been utilized since the 1930s. The Bank of Abyssinia, formerly known as the National Bank of Ethiopia, is the country's main financial institution. Ethiopian Birr is the continent's second most popular currency after Nigerian Naira. Before the first Birr was created in the early 1990s, Ethiopians used Menelik II talari and Maria Theresa thalers. The current second-generation Birr has been the official currency of Ethiopia since the 1940s.

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Ethiopia's Birr black-market evaporates

The black market for Ethiopian Birr has virtually disappeared due to the sharp decrease in the black market exchange rate of the US dollar to that currency in just two weeks.

Following the NBE campaign, the black market is in turmoil.

Forex is collected by the diaspora and unofficial Hawala providers overseas, who then deliver money to unauthorized agents in Ethiopia. The governor claims that a single foreign Hawala operator delivers foreign currency up to 80 times every week.

Ethiopia Won't Hasten to Implement a Flexible Exchange-Rate System

To resolve macroeconomic imbalances, the government has given the export industry a lot of attention, and exchange rate adjustment is one of these measures.

Ethiopia obtained 682 million US dollars from the mining industry

According to Simegn Wube, the State Minister for Mines and Petroleum, the money was generated from the extraction of gemstones including opal and tantalum as well as the supply of over 9,384 kg of gold to the National Bank of Ethiopia.

The GERD has received 64,500 Canadian dollars

The British Columbia branch of the Alliance for GERD in Canada hosted a virtual fund-raising event where the money was raised. GERD bonds totaling 37,000 Canadian dollars will be purchased by the Diaspora in addition to the 37,000 Canadian dollars that were raised at the event.

EthioBlackMarket FAQs

How much is 1 Dollar in Ethiopian Birr (Black Market)?

Get Todays Ethiopian Black Market exchange rate (USD/ETB) | Black Market rexchange rate price is shown live 24/7 on our website | Get Todays 1 US Dollar to Ethiopian Birr black market exchange rate

Does give Foreign Currency Exange services?

No we don't, Black market exchange is illegal in Ethiopia therefore its advisable to use legal channels to exchange foreign currency. በጥቁር ገበያ መገበያየት በህግ የተከለከለ ስለሆነ በባንክ ወይንም ህጋዊ በሆነ መንገድ መገበያየት ይመከራል፥፥

How is the price calculated?

We use a sophisticated algorithm to determine the ethiopia black market rate live based on the supply and demand of the market.

Is the price updated live?

Yes the ethiopian black market dollar to birr updates live every 10 seconds, this gives the user the opportunity to follow the ethiopia black market exchange rate live

Does it update 24/7?

Yes the ethiopia black market live exchange rate works 24/7 a week

Does EthioBlackMarket provide foreign currency exchanging services?

No we dont exchange foreign currency we only calculate the estimated black market rate, its advisable to use legal channels to exchange foreign currency.

how much is 1 dollar to ethiopian birr black market today?

Today one 1 dollar to ethiopian birr black market can be seen on our website

Ethiopia black market exchange rate today?

We provide live ethiopian black market exchange rates data 24/7, you can check today's black market exchange rate live on our website

Is Ethiopia Bank Exchange Rate same as Black Market Exchange rate?

Usually Black Market rate is higer than Bank Rate

How to buy Bitcoin in Ethiopia?

You can easly buy bitcoin of some xrypto exchange apps ine Ethiopia like Binance , Kucoin and Coinbase

Do this rates apply when i Order products from Amazon, ALiexpress or Alibaba to Ethiopia

It depends on where you get your foreign currency from

How much is $ 50 Dollar in the black market?

How much is $ 100 Dollars in the black market?

How much is $ 1000 Dollars in the black market?